About me and motive of this blog.

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Hello, I am Keval Shingala.

I am a full-time employee and a night blogger. 

Scroll down to know more about me. And why I started this blog, and what is my motive behind this blog.

What is the purpose of this Blog?

The purpose of this blog is I want to help those peoples who wanted to start blogging and wanted to achieve something in life. 

After this pandemic situation, lots of people are losing their jobs around the world. Nowadays everybody is using mobile and laptops. So, I wanted to tell you them, instead of wasting time watching movies and series, why don’t you give a try to blogging or something you are passionate about it.


What types of content you will find here?

Here, you will find lots of helpful content on blogging and affiliate marketing and many other related sources.

This blog will help to start your blog from scratch and monetize it and generate side income. It’s ok if you are not from the technical field you will learn it day by day.

If you are looking for a get quick rich techniques (like in one month), then this is not for you. All you need is patience and hard work. You will defiantly find a result.



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