Why do people blog? The Benefits of blogging.

Benefits and advantages of blogging
Benefits and advantages of blogging in 2020

If you are starting a blog, good to see you here.

Before starting it and investing your time and money in it, first fully understand the benefits of blogging.

When people are starting something new, they are looking for benefits in it.

Here, I listed some benefits of blogging.

Blogging is now a profession, and it’s getting popular day by day. When it started, it wasn’t like this, that time it was just an online journal. That time it wasn’t a goal to make money through blogs.

With blogging, you can become a professional writer, and as well as you can leave your 9 to 5 job. And other lots of benefits of blogging.

We all know that, where there are people, there is money.

Blogging has countless ways to open opportunities for your brighter future. So don’t think about what others are saying if you are interested in starting a blog just do it.

Many bloggers are making 6 figures of income monthly. So, you also can start a blog and make a decent amount of money.

Blogging turns your passion into a profession. And think about this earning through your passion. That’s the main advantage of blogging. 

Let’s discuss some benefits of starting a blog in 2020.

So, here is the list –

Why do people blog? The Benefits of blogging.


To make money –

As we all know, blogging is now a profession and you can earn money through it. More and more people are starting blogs to earn quick money. This is the best benefit of blogging. There is nothing like this, But with hard work and patience, you can do it also.

You can sell ebooks, online courses, products, and many more things. You can monetize your blog with AdSense. As well as you can start an eCommerce store and sell your T-shirts and a variety of things.


Express and share your passions –

Now with the use of blogging, you can express your idea, feelings, thoughts, and point of view on any things. If you have skills and passion you can connect yourself with like-minded peoples. 

You can share your drawing, photography, technical, marketing, cooking, and many other skills on the blog.

Develop your writing skills –

If you are a writer or not, but one thing is best, with blogging you can improve your writing skills, like a professional. More writing means more you become a better writer.

But don’t worry, if you don’t have good writing skills, still you can start a blog. There is an application like Grammarly, which can help you to improve your writing. It will correct your spelling mistakes, wrong word choice, punctuation, and sentence structure, and many more.

Good writing skill is a reason for a successful blog.


To build your network of like-minded people –

The blogging community is very huge, where people are discussing and sharing their ideas on different topics. Sharing their knowledge about the different software on Facebook and Telegram groups.

And they are learning and improving their blogging ideas and skills from each other. Building a community relationship is a part of a blog.


Help and Educate others with their knowledge –

Now, we have already discussed these skills and knowledge, so many people want to share their skills and knowledge with others and teach them how to do it. Like, I’m writing this on how to start a blog and the benefits of blogging for all those people who are serious about it.


To gain more exposure and influence –

With the use of this, you can build your audience on different platforms, and more audience means more traffic and more deals.

People become politicians, actors, and an activist for this. You can do it the same if you will become a successful blogger.

Bloggs depend on content and traffic, more traffic you get higher you will rank on search results. and building an audience on a different platform will help you in this. You can generate more revenue.


Learn new things –

Blogging is not just sharing your knowledge and skills, you will also learn many new and different things, which you never know until you start.

If you will develop more skills, you can become a more professional blogger. There are lots of things to learn after you start blogging. you can learn SEO, digital marketing, web designing, graphic designing, social media marketing, and many more.


Become a better negotiator –

Blogging is just not about writing and sharing you have to grab the attention of readers and make them believe in yourself and your ideas. You are writing about whatever topic but if they don’t believe in you what’s the point.

So, with blogging, you can become a better negotiator. When they provide feedback, learn from it and improve yourself.


Laptop lifestyle and no tension of job –

Many people are stuck in the 9 to 5 jobs, which they don’t like and are not interested in it. Blogging can give you the freedom you want. So, you can live your laptop lifestyle with blogging and pursue your dreams.

So you can do the things you love and travel to different places while working. Spend more time with family and friends and you can do other activities in your free time.


Earn with freelancing –

After you become successful bloggers, you can make money with freelancing. There are many different freelancing websites many of you know about them, which is Fiverr, Upwork and People per hour.

And you can charge more as you are good at it.


Become a consultant and entrepreneur –

You can become a consultant about that specific niche. Think about it if you can charge whatever you want to the client. 

Neville Medhora is a copywriter and running a website kopywritingkourse.com. And teaching others about copywriting with his kopywritingKourse. And he is the best copywriter. He charges whatever he wants according to his time value.


Collecting Emails – 

This is the major topic of online business, you all have noticed this on many websites they are collecting an email of visitors. So they can directly inform them about new updates. And many companies are selling these emails and earning through this. It’s a huge marketing game.


Build your online portfolio –

If you have skills then build your portfolio, and showcase your talent on it. It’s a very effective way of promoting yourself and your business. When companies and people will see your portfolio they will like to work with you.


Start your marketing agency –

You can start your marketing agency, and deliver your results to startup companies and you can help them to grow. What you have learned through your hard work now converts into money.


Meet expertise and successful people in your field –

Think about it: many people dream about meeting someone who is an expert in that field, building a relationship, and meet them and you learn more things.


You will get invited in interviews and speaks –

After you become an expert in this field you will get lots of invitations for interviews and give a speech in a related industry. Where you can share your knowledge with others as an expert.

Speaking can boost up your reputation in a related industry when you are an expert. It might start with a guest panel to speak on stage.


Build online trust and identity –

Now you all know all famous people have posted their information online. When people search about you online, they can find your other information like social media profiles and your names on other blogs and this information will help them get to know you and trust you.

Let me give you an example –

Tim Ferriss is now famous for many things like the award-winning podcast and speaking engagement and many more. He started a blog to share advice on Lifestyle design and weight loss. He is known for his book “The 4-Hour Workweek”. He has written 4 best-selling books and makes millions of dollars each year. 


You will get immediate feedback –

Feedback is the most important thing in every industry, in blogging you will get instant feedback from readers and customers. It doesn’t matter you are doing personal blogging or for company. 

Feedback is playing a huge role to improve your blog, now there are 2 types of feedback, negative and positive, improve yourself from negative what they are suggesting and where you are making mistakes.


Create more blogs and write more knowledgeable –

Many bloggers don’t stop here when their blogs become successful they start writing more blogs on different niches and generating more revenue with more audience. If you want to start a blog, you need more knowledge about it, and then you can also create blogs on other niches. If you have one successful blog its advantage for you to create another blog.


You can start your podcast –

After people start believing and trusting you, you can start a podcast about it, and also you can start interviewing other known people. Sharing knowledge and interviews with podcasts is famous right now.


Start your Youtube channel –

You can start your youtube channel and teach others how to start all processes with tutorial videos. You will make a double audience and blog visitors with the help of this. It means double traffic.


Become an organized thinker –

We all know writing takes time, so you can organize your writing, thoughts and rethink on that, and also edit and rephrase it time by time. Because everything needs to be updated according to time.

It will improve your thinking and you will become a good time organizer.


You will become more confidence –

Confidence is an important thing if you are doing anything. After step by step journey and things, you have faced until you become successful. You will become a more confident person about many things.

Now I hope this article will help you to give some knowledge, not blogging is not just about money but lots of other things, which you can’t learn in your 9 to 5 job. 

Now if you are ready to start your new blog you can do it with this step by step blogging guide.


Conclusion –

If you are serious about blogging, then do it. You will become a good writer, thinker, you will learn many technical skills which you don’t have right now. You will become independent and you can live your dream laptop lifestyle with it. 

Share your passion and skills with others and become a part of this huge knowledge-sharing community. And meet some great and successful people in your field.


Now if you are ready to start your new blog, follow this step by step guide.

How to start a blog in 2020 from scratch (step by step)

And also use these chrome extensions to make your work better and faster.

Top 11 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2020

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