Top best 11 chrome extensions for bloggers in 2020

best chrome extensions for bloggers in 2020

So here is a list of  Top best 11 chrome extensions for bloggers in 2020. And these are the best chrome extension for bloggers if you are starting a new blog.

Are you one of those who are putting a lot of effort to write and design your blog? 

If you are going to start a blog or just started your blog, this chrome extension will be useful for you to work better and faster.

The good thing about google chrome is, it is the best browser and it provides the facility to add extensions so you can work faster.

There are thousands of tools available online, but it’s very hard to find the best tools.

These chrome extensions will help you to design, SEO strategy and suggestion, and will help you to write better without mistakes.

There are lots of other browsers you all know but chrome is better and user friendly. And it’s a widely used browser with lots of other features, and you can add important extensions from the chrome web store to improve your performance.

So today in this post, I’m going to tell you about some best chrome extensions for bloggers that will help you to enhance the working functionality of your browser, and how this extension can help you to work faster.

Here, I have rounded up some of the best chrome extensions for bloggers. So, read the full article, if you are serious about blogging.


Benefits of reading this article –

  1. You will find the best productivity chrome extensions
  2. SEO tools and ideas
  3. If you want better Designing on your site must read
  4. If you are doing writing mistakes and not so good with grammar it will help you
  5. to save your precious time

These are the best 11 chrome extension for bloggers in 2020 – 

1. Grammarly –


If you are a content writer and blogger who writes daily about something. And writing without mistakes is not possible.

So, Grammarly is a tool that will help you to improve your writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s blogs, emails, or Google docs it helps everywhere. Grammarly will correct your spelling mistakes, word choice, punctuation, and many more. So you can write without any mistakes. 

And in premium service also it checks your content is plagiarized or not with plagiarism detection service and many more features for professional writing.

It works on most of the websites like quora, google docs, WordPress editor, Gmail, and many more.

So if you are just starting a new blog and don’t want to make any writing mistakes you can use Grammarly chrome extension.


2. Colorpick eyedropper –


If you are designing your site, it will help you to pick the color from other sites and show you a hex code of any color.

When you are designing your site, you will check other sites for color ideas and you can’t pick up the same color without color code. So this color pick eyedropper is very helpful at that time.


3. Keyword surfer –


Keyword surfer is the best free extension for bloggers when it comes to finding keyword ideas. 

When you search something on google it shows it’s ranking on how many keywords, keywords suggestions, visibility matrix, and search volume.

And when scroll down a bit you will see Correlation charts with traffic, words, and keywords. Simply it’s the top 10 sites which are ranking on the search page.


4. Save to the Pocket –


This one is a good extension if you want to save articles, videos, and anything for later viewing. You can install it. 

Sometimes we are in a hurry so we can put things on later so with this Save to the pocket extension you can save all those things to watch later.

One great thing about this is it allows you to access without the internet. It’s a chrome extension so you can access it from anywhere and any device.


5. What font –


When it comes to the blog, you have to focus on color and font.

When visitors find your font uncomfortable to read they will leave no matter how good it is.

So, what font extension will show you the font properties of any site when you hover and click on any font, it shows weight, font style, line height, and color.

It’s very easy to use.


6.  Awesome Screenshot –


Now when you are a blogger and designer screenshot and screen record is important for you. With the Awesome Screenshot, you can take a screenshot of the entire page in a single click.

You can share screenshots, edit, draw shapes to point out something, and also you can blur the part you want. The same thing you can do with recorded videos.

So, you must have to try this Awesome Screenshot.


7. What Runs –


Now different websites are using different tools. If you ever wondered about this, you can also use this What Runs Extension, and it will show you the technologies and tools used in any website.

It’s a very useful tool and it also notifies you when the website removes or adds any new tools. You can spy on competitors.


8. Buffer –


If you are a blogger and digital marketer this tool is best and very useful for you. Buffer is a social media automation tool.

With the use of a buffer, you can share your content on any social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more in a single click.

So, after writing and long posts you don’t have to go on every social media to share your post, you can do it in a single click. It will help you to save your precious time.

You must have to try this simple and powerful social media sharing tool.



9. Keyword everywhere –


Keywords everywhere is another great tool to find search related keywords. It’s a free chrome extension and very useful.

 It shows keyword metrics, search volume, and CPC. It will be very useful when it comes to finding keywords. You can export CSV of keywords in one click and then you can sort out some keywords from it.

It shows people also search for this and related keywords list.

Its provides data from this –

  • Bing
  • Youtube 
  • Ubersuggest
  • Amazon
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz Open Site Explorer
  • Answer The Public
  • eBay

I have been using this tool since starting.


10. Mail track –


You are a blogger or digital marketer, emails are most important for you, it comes on priority.

If you are using Gmail, you must have to use this Mail track tool.

What mail track does?

It allows identifying incoming mails and its tracks the email you have sent is opened or not.

When you are sending and receiving a large number of emails daily this Mail Track tool is very useful to you. To track reports and reminders of your sent emails.

You must have to try this.


11. Honey –


With this digital world, you have to grab every discount and bargain the price of the product you are purchasing online. 

Honey shows you the best discount and deals of any site when you are on it. For this, you have to install this Honey chrome extension.

It’s amazing to search and apply discount codes automatically when you are purchasing something online.


Conclusion –


I hope the above (best 11 chrome extension for bloggers in 2020) will help you to many things without leaving your site. Chrome extensions are making our daily life easier.

So you guys must have to try some of these extensions which saves your time. Because with the right tools you can make better content, and it helps you to expand the capabilities of your work.


Now if you are ready to start your new blog, follow this step by step guide.

How to start a blog in 2020 from scratch (step by step)


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