How to start a blog in 2020 from scratch (step by step)

	 How to start a blog in 2020 from scratch (step by step)

Ok, so you finally decided to start a blog. But don’t know how to start. So here is the my guide on how to star a blog in 2020 from scratch (step by step).

If you are searching on google, there are lots of websites, and everyone is saying to do different things. Here people get confused. I also faced the same situation when I started. 

Hence, I’m writing here through my experience. How to start blogging in 2020?

Here, I will teach to step by step how to start a blog in 2 hours. I will explain to you step by step process in detail.

But before you start, keep these things in mind make sure you are curious, consistent, and passionate about it.

Blogging is popular nowadays. It’s a profession. Why?

Because it’s very beneficial for your personal and professional life, it will enhance your personality.

There are a number of benefits of blogging. And for many people, it’s a source of income.

I will help as much as I can so you guys can start it easily.

Now, we all know we want money to accomplish our dreams. Right?

There are thousands of bloggers making money through blogs. 

So why don’t you try?

There is no need for any great idea to start a blog, all you have to do is follow your passion and skills.

Now the most common question. 

How much does it cost to start a new blog in 2020? 

It depends on which type of blog you are doing, but you can start your blog with a cost of $10 to $20 per year. And a normal smartphone and computer. 

You don’t have to by any mac or any pro computer for this.

OK, so now let’s get to the point! 

How you can start your blog in a few easy steps.

In this guide, I will explain to you how you can start your first blog in an easy and simple way. 

How to Start a Successful And Money Making Blog in 7 Easy Steps.


Step 1: Choose a Niche For Your Blog


The first step to finding and selecting your topic.

This is the most important part, and many newbies are stuck at this point. 

Did you know? That most of the bloggers quit blogging in 3 or 4 months.

Because they choose the niche which they aren’t passionate about it.

And they just stared for earning money. That’s why they lose their game before they start.

What is a niche?

Niche is kind of a topic. It is a combination of your passion and skills. 

Choose your blog niche in which you are passionate. like travel, tech or designing, etc.

How to find the right niche for a blog? 

So, let me suggest some steps to find it.

1. Follow your passion –


Write down a list of your passion and skills on paper or on a note which you are following in daily life.

You are thinking about it every time and every day. ( like – fashion, photography, fitness, drawing, etc.)

Everybody has a passion or some skills. And when you will choose it as a blog topic you can create better content easily.

Still, confused? 

Let me give you an example of some best bloggers in different niches – 

Michael Arrington –  He is the founder of the most famous blog Techcrunch. He founded it in 2005. It’s a very famous blog today, It covers startup news of games, technology, apps, gadgets, mobile, and many more.

Harsh Aggarwal – He is a founder of and this is the most popular blog in India right now. He is a professional and successful blogger and blogging entrepreneur in his field and he covers topics like SEO, podcast, and WordPress blogging.

Varun Vagish – He is a travel blogger and vlogger (YouTuber) and here is his website and youtube channel Mountain Trekker. where he is sharing his experience of traveling and encouraging people. Right now he is a full-time traveler and recently quit his government job.

2. Find out your target audience and understand them –


Now here the second thing you have to do is understand your audience.

Which type of information they are looking for. ( you can find your blog ideas also from this.)

Like their age, and they are working on which field.

They are passionate about working online and ready to make a passive income.  

Nowadays everybody is tired of that 9 to 5 job. It sucks. But what if with your passion you can make income.

They are ready to spend some time and money on their passion.


Step 2: Pick up a Good Domain For Your Blog


This is a bit confusing about which one to choose.

Here is my suggestion for choosing a good domain name.

Selecting a domain name isn’t so tough if you are sure about your blog niche.

Now lots of people waste their precious time here in finding the perfect domain name. Don’t waste too much time on it. You can change it later.

Here are some tips to select your domain name –

So while you are selecting your domain name keep these few things in your mind.

  • Stick with the keyword. (If you stick with your keyword it will help you to rank on SEO.)
  • If the domain name you would like is already taken. Then try mixing or adding some words in it like, 
  • “The”, “your” or something like this and choose another relevant name from results. it happens with everyone.
  • Make sure you use your keyword in it. (The main topic of your blog).
  • Make it short and simple, so everyone can remember it easily.
  • Don’t use numbers and hyphens, because it’s not easy to remember for all.
  • Don’t use any tough spellings, which is hard to spell and pronounce.
  • Still, you can’t found a proper name which is related to your keyword, don’t worry, it’s just for SEO help, try using your own name. After all, people looking for content, not your name.

Use Domain name generator for good ideas  –

Domain extensions –

  • Don’t use domain extensions like .net, .in, .org.
  • Always use .com its a top-level commercial domain. This includes all types of websites like personal websites, blogs, portfolios, and almost anything in between.
  • Its mostly favored by search engines and Google.


Step 3: Choose a blogging platform


Now here, Newbies are always confused about this, which is the best blogging platform to start out their blog.

There are lots of blogging platforms like Joomla, Wix, Weebly, Tumbler, Squarespace, and many more. But the only two are the major ones.

  1. Blogspot (Product of Google) and it’s free.
  2. WordPress is paid, but with the free plan, you can create and run the blog at the beginning.

Here, I suggest WordPress is the best one. In this world, 35% of websites are running on WordPress. And it’s a very large amount.

WordPress provides some very beautiful plugins, which make your website easier and attractive.

WordPress is easy to understand and its open source. It has a huge community which can help you to clear your doubt if you stuck.

Plus Professional Themes and Professional Plugins and it is SEO optimized.


Step 4: Find out the Best Hosting Provider for WordPress


Before you start your blog you need a good web hosting service.

What is web hosting? 

Web hosting is a service that saves all website data on their server, and when people search your website on Google, it loads your website.

For example – if you have movies and files you need Pendrive or Computer to store it. It works the same it saves your website data.

Here, you have to choose the proper web hosting service.

Because choosing the proper hosting is the second step to your successful online career, after the blog name.

 So, which web hosting service is the best?

Don’t use any very cheap hosting services. If you are serious about your blog.

There are lots of web hosting services, rather than providing a list of lots of websites, I suggest Siteground is the best hosting service recommended by WordPress.

I’m also using Siteground.

If you are just starting your blog. Siteground is the best for beginners.

It has some good key features than other services.
  1. 10 GB Web Space
  2. 10,000 Visits Monthly
  3. Highspeed servers
  4. Free SSL
  5. Daily Backup
  6. Free CDN
  7. Free Email
  8. WP-CLI and SSH
  9. Unlimited Databases
  10. 100% renewable energy match
  11. 30-Days Money-Back
  12. Only cost $6.99/month 

Now click here This Special link to get a 70% discount. ($3.95/ month)

1. Choose your hosting plan –

If you are a beginner choose a startup plan.

2. Choose your domain name –

If you have already purchased domain. Then click on the second option.

I already have a domain. 

And if you haven’t purchased, then click on register a new domain.

3. Fill your account information –

After picking your domain name you will redirect this page. Fill all your account detail here.

4. Enter your payment information –

Enter your credit/debit card details.

5. Purchase information –

Now hereby default maybe it selected 36 months period. 

Select and choose 1 or 2 years. I suggest choose 1 year.

6. Confirm the condition and click on Pay now –

Now check your email you will receive the bill.

Congratulations, now you have completed the registration process successfully. 

Now let’s get move on the next step. And set up your blog.

Step 5: Set Up Your Blog With an Eye-Catching Theme


Now login to your site ground account. With the email and password which you have entered while filling account information detail. 

Now you have to install WordPress on Siteground.

Click on that second option website. To start a new website.

Then click on start a new website.

And then click on WordPress. Maybe it takes a few minutes to install.

Then set up your login id and password.

Remember this id and password is for WordPress login, not for Siteground.

And with this, you can log in to wp-admin. So write down it somewhere.

Then click on continue. 

Now, Click on Finish. 

Then after instead of doing a lengthy process to log in your wp-admin (C-panel).

Open a new tab. And type (in your domain name use your registered domain name)

And then you will see the login page of WordPress like this.

Enter your WordPress admin id password. (not of the Siteground)

Congratulation, all process is done now.

Now let’s get move on to the next step.

Pick up the right theme

Now, first of all, we all know that a good looking and attention-grabbing theme can make your blog look professional. 

There are a lot of free WordPress themes providers in the market, but I like to use Astra and GeneratePress.  

One of the best and easiest themes with lots of features. 

Most of the theme providers not offering customization options on free themes.

Its a fully customizable and lightweight theme. With excellent multipurpose use. And comfortable with all page builders.

Before you purchase any premium theme, keep these few things in your mind.  

  • Whenever you are purchasing a theme first always check, its responsive theme, or not. Which is the most important thing for any of the website. Most people will visit your blog from mobile, not from the computer.
  • Always choose a lightweight theme, so your website will load faster.
  • Check its compatible with WordPress or not.
  • Now the last thing is support. It’s the most important thing. So, check their support system they are providing support or not.

Now, there are a variety of themes for WordPress, but I recommend you start with these themes.

Let’s see how you can add your new theme to your blog or website.

First of all, log in to your wp-admin panel.

Then, click on appearance and then theme.

Then, click on the “Add New” option or you can select the theme from the WordPress library.

Now, click on the upload button and upload your theme as a zip file.

Congratulation, now you have successfully installed your theme on your blog. 

Now, let’s move on to the next step.

Step 6: Install Some Essential WordPress Plugin


WordPress plugins are a very important part of WordPress. To enhance your website and functionality.

It helps you to design your website or in SEO and many more.

 There are thousands of plugins some of them are free and some of them are paid.

Only install plugins that you need.

Here are some plugins which can be very valuable for newbies. I recommend you install this.

Elementor Elementor is a very helpful plugin of WordPress, it’s a page and theme builder. And most bloggers are using this to design their blog. It provides drag and drops option so you don’t have to do any coding.

Yoast SEO Yoast SEO is a very famous and excellent plugin for SEO. It helps optimize your whole website and pages to rank high on google. It’s free but you can also purchase a premium version for more functionality.

WP RocketYou all know speed is the most important thing for any website. Wp Rocket is the best caching plugin. It will help to make your blog load faster and this is the most important thing for any website.

Akismet This is an anti-spam plugin, it will filter spam comments and will help you to clean your blog from spam.

iThemes security – Now, first of all, you have to install this plugin to secure your website from hackers. Every day thousands of websites are getting hacked. So, install this plugin and secure your site.

WP super cache – Now this plugging will help you to clear the cache of your website. So, it will load faster and cache cleaning is the most important thing on any website.

Now, how to install WordPress plugins?

First of all, go to your WordPress dashboard and then under the appearance click on plugins. And click on add new button, then upload your plugin or install from the plugin library.

Then click on the active button, and active that installed plugin.

Now before we start writing your first blog, I suggest first set up your site permalink structure. 

What is a permalink?

Permalink is your website URL when someone searches it on google, how users will see your URL.

You can change it from setting.

Click on setting and then permalink.

So here you can see some structure of permalink.

By, default it is your site name and post name. And it’s SEO friendly.

Make sure you are using this permalink structure. It will help you to rank on SEO.

Step 7: Write Your First Blog Post 


Congratulations, now you have completed all the above steps and now you are on the final step.

Now, Write your first blog post and publish it.

I have you have done some keyword research. If you haven’t done yet, no worries just go and do it before writing. 

And point down some keywords related to your blog.

Now, its time to write some amazing content that readers will love.

I know you are not a professional writer. But still, you can write amazing content.

You all know, writing good content is the most important thing of any blog, people are paying for it.

It increases your audience and reaches.

Now, before you start writing make sure to keep these few things in mind to create the best content.


Make It Easy To Understand –

  • Write it clearly and with confidence. Communication is key. 
  • Don’t use any hard spelling to spell or understand.
  • Always use “I” and “you” in your blog writing to make it comfortable.
  • Understand their need and write about it, not about what you like.

Titles And Subtitles –

Use catchy titles and subtitles. 

While reading a newspaper, what you are reading first? Title, right?

So that’s the important thing. If you are writing without title and subtitles no one will show interest in reading your post.

Use subtitles to breakdown the section.

Bullet Points And Numbering –

  • Use bullet points and numbers, it’s comfortable for readers.
  • Don’t write any paragraph in bullet points.
  • Bullet points are the same as headlines.

Use images –

Images are very important in blogs. 

No one will show interest to read if you are writing without images.

It’s very boring to read without images. It shows this topic based on which content. So it’s better for readers.

Now create some pages to help readers –

About page – 

Write some information about you and why you started your blog.

What is the purpose behind the blog?

And provide your social media links so they can contact you.

Contact page – 

This page will provide the facility to readers to contact you. Leave your email id on this page and create a contact form.

That’s all congratulation and best of luck for your new blog. Now you can start your blog in 2020.



How to start a blog – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is blog?

A blog is a regularly updated informational website, written in text format. Type of diary or journal where people can share their skills and activities.


  •  How to earn money through blogging?

There is a variety of options to make money through blogs. Bloggers can make money with affiliate marketing, paid articles, AdSense, ebooks, and courses.


  •  Can I Start a blog for free?

Yes, anyone can start a blog in free with WordPress and Blogpost. WordPress is easy you can start with it.

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